Larry Cunningham-Lovely Leitrim


Last night I had a pleasant dream
I woke up with a smile
I dreamt that I was
Back again in dear
Old Erin’s Isle
I thought I saw
Lough Allen’s banks in
The valleys’ down below
It was my lovely
Leitrim where the
Shannon water’s flow
I stood enchanted by the scene of Grandeur and delight
I headed off for
Carrick town before
The dark of night
I passed Sheemore that fairy hill Where flowers wildly grow
And I saw the grave of
Finn McCool
Where the
Shannon water’s flow
The next I saw was
Fenagh Town with
Her ancient abbey walls
Where the preaching of her holy Monks re-echoes through her halls
I stood with reverence on the spot Reluctant for to go
From the town of saints and sages Where the Shannon water’s flow
I’ve travelled far
Through these great
Lands from the
East unto the west
But of all the islands
I have seen I love
My own the best
Mind if ever
I return again there’s one
Place I will go
It will be to lovely
Leitrim where the
Shannon water’s flow

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: P. Fitzpatrick / L. Cunningham

Lough Rynn, Co.Leitrim