Songs of Ireland – Limerick You’re a Lady – Foster & Allen

D A7 D
Limerick, you’re a lady,
D7 G Em7 D
Your Shannon waters tears of joy that flow,
Bm F#m
The beauty that surrounds you,
Em7 G A7
I take it with me love where ere I go,
D A7 Bm
While waking in the arms of distant waters,
G Em7 A7
A new day finds me far away from home,
D A7 D
Then Limerick, you’re a lady,
D7 Em7 A7 D
The one true love that I have ever known.

D DMaj7 G D
As children you and I, spent endless days of fun,
G Em7 D
In winter snow or summers golden sun,
Bm F#m Bm
We fished in silver springs, the fabric of my dreams,
Em7 G D7
Was fashioned by your loveliness, and so I have to say,


A gift that time has made, to travelers on their way, Seeking out the beauty of our land, A shrine where children pray, and bells ring out to say, Thank God we’re living just to feel, the freedom of each day,


Source: LyricFindSongwriters: Dennis Allan

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